Next workshop date TBD

In this workshop, Emily and Kim will provide simple tools you can incorporate in your daily life to help you with what needs to be healed in your life. We will open with a conversation, identify limiting beliefs, share our stories and practice breathing techniques, restorative yoga poses and enjoy a guided meditation.

This practice has been offered to students that are new to these practices as well as those who know about these tools but need an opportunity to reconnect.


$45 pp


M Pilates + yoga | 300 South Avenue, 2nd Floor, Garwood, NJ


Next workshop date TBD 

Learn about your seven major chakras (energy centers). Understand your chakras and how they govern different parts of your life. You will learn how to bring them back into alignment through yoga, meditation and more.


$25 pp

Dress with comfortable clothes for a gentle yoga session. The workshop will end with a guided meditation focusing on the chakras and a reiki healing session. Pure bliss!!


– Chakra booklet
– Journal
– Tea
– Healthy snack


MPY Mindful Eating - 21 Day Program

Next program date TBD

This program will change your relationship with food. What does that mean? Eating will no longer be stressful. You will learn how to nourish your body. We will provide the tools to make sustainable changes to the way you eat. Some individuals workout excessively and eat right but can't lose weight. Others are looking to have more energy, their brains are foggy and feel lethargic all the time. Most have more than enough information on how to eat well, they know what to do but don’t know how to get started or can't stick to it.

When you sign up for this program, we will provide you with the tools you need to make changes necessary to eat mindfully, lose weight and start feeling healthy and vibrant.

We will support you every step of the way.

We believe in bio-individuality. We focus on primary foods, eating wholesome foods is just one way to nourish your body. 

Your desire is not enough, YOU need to commit to finally make the changes necessary to live a healthy life. You will learn to maintain a healthy weight by eliminating cravings, making healthier choices, changing the way you eat and live in order to live a vibrant life.


$150 per person | If you prefer to do this at a day/time that is convenient for you, we offer private sessions | Investment $250

Dress with comfortable clothes for a gentle yoga session. The workshop will end with a guided meditation focusing on the chakras and a reiki healing session. Pure bliss!!

OUR toolbox

– Health coaching assessment and 50 min. phone call before the program starts
– Booklet with a step to step program
– Learn how to deconstruct sugar cravings
– Informative handouts
– Group class session scheduled half way into the program
–Unlimited email support
–Additional health coaching calls at a discounted price, if needed
– One week before the program starts, you will receive your first email that will prepare you for the 21 days




imperfectly balanced wake-up call

Join us for a luxury yoga and life-coaching retreat in the serene Vermont countryside this fall, October 26 – 29th, a call to self-awareness and self-discovery.

Wake Up Call retreat will renew, restore and inspire you, while providing the necessary tools to guide you toward a more purposeful and joyful life. This program is designed to help you break through old habits and blocks holding you back from living the life you have dreamt of.  Plus, it will help you gain the confidence and courage to go out and do so!  


October 26-29, 2017
West Dover, VT
Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort

The retreat will be held at the Mount Snow Grand Summit resort in West Dover, Vermont, an idyllic location nestled in the forest of southern Vermont. Located in the renowned Green Mountains, this idyllic resort brings the privacy and serenity you deserve, and allows you the opportunity to escape from the rest of the world. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you ease into self awareness and a new level of relaxation. This is the place to return back to yourself - and a perfect backdrop for our beautiful retreat. 


The closest available airport is Hartford, CT (1 hour, 45 minutes) 



Single Occupancy $1650 pp
(regularly $1800)
Double Occupancy $1350 pp
(regularly $1500)
Triple/Quad Occupancy $949 pp
(regularly $1100)


– Daily vinyasa flow and restorative yoga
   (all levels, optional)
– Evening meditation
– Guided nature walk
– Lifestyle, career and health coaching
– Power of positive thinking
– Daily breakfast
– Daily lunch and snacks
– 3 night accommodations at Mount
   Snow Grand Summit Resort
– Life Coaching Workshops focusing on
   self-awareness and discovery
– Complimentary Wi-Fi
– Personalized welcome bag