Positive energy, warmth and enthusiasm, coupled with a vast knowledge of physiology, Pilates, yoga and nutrition is what differentiates Emily Miranda-Thompson from the pack.

Emily has been living her passion for over 15 years. With first-class certifications in Pilates, yoga, personal training and nutrition, Emily provides her clientele with a comprehensive fitness and lifestyle experience. Her studio in Garwood, New Jersey reflects her attention to detail — outfitted with state-of-the-art Pilates reformers, Pilates chairs, barre, yoga and rebounder equipment. Emily’s dynamic workshops and retreats are spirited and fun, while promoting an invaluable results-oriented experience.

As part of her journey of self-discovery, Emily enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC in 2011. She learned that being nourished involved much more than simply the food we eat. It embodies our relationships, our emotions, how we move our bodies, the work we do and our spirituality. Emily incorporates this understanding and holistic approach as she supports each of her clients, helping them to thrive.

Emily resides in Washington, DC with her husband, three children and dog Baya. She commutes between DC and NJ, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with athletes, women and men, as well as those recovering from injuries. Emily’s expertise and spirited personality, is what keeps her clients engaged as they reach their personal goals. Her balance of training and unbridled love for health, wellness and fitness, are the cornerstone that keep Emily and her studio, at the head of the fitness pack.


– Certified Pilates instructor (mat and all  
   apparatus), Physicalmind Institute
– ACE Certified Personal Trainer
– Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Sutra for Life
– Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
– Reiki Master
– Spinning Instructor
– AFAA Pre/Post Natal
– Booty Barre
– Zumba Certified
– CPR and first aid for adults and children


All M Pilates instructors are trained in Joseph Pilates’ Six Essential Concepts: control, breath, concentration, flow, centering, and precision. Instructors are required to continue their education to enhance both personal and professional development.


Colleen received her Pilates mat certification from Power Pilates and completed her Reformer and Apparatus comprehensive training from Balanced Body.Colleen is also a certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Colleen's love for Pilates is evident in her classes and lifestyle. She has done a wide range of exercise routines over the years, from running to heavy weight training to Bar based classes. Colleen has found that Pilates is perfect for her and her students, providing a challenging, full-body workout while strengthening the core and protecting the back.


After years of dancing, sports, running and a multitude of gym classes, Mindy stepped into an Ahstanga-based yoga class and discovered her passion. She has practiced and studied in many styles of yoga: Bikram, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa and Soul Sweat. Her training through The Yoga and Healing Center gave her more than just a knowledge of postures and breathing techniques, it gave her a better understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection that is formed on the mat. As a certified yoga instructor and member of Yoga Alliance, Mindy looks to motivate and lead others to discover their true potential on and off the yoga mat.



In November of 2016, Trish first found herself on the mat. She was apprehensive yet excited. Yoga had alluded her for years and she finally found that her time to practice had arrived organically. She quickly fell in love with her home studio Onyx in Warren, NJ and, nearly a year later, she began her 200 Hour Certification at the studio under the guidance of Shannon Elliott (Malati), Jane Lindemann, and Gabriella Perotti.

Trish knows first-hand the healing powers of yoga and the yoga community. After struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder for years, she credits her yoga journey as the major catalyst that propelled her to the healthiest state of her life. Her intention is to utilize yoga to help others to overcome the obstacles that arise in all of our lives with confidence and perseverance, as they embrace progress over perfection. At the heart of it all, Trish wants to help people achieve their goals, learn to take the speedbumps and setbacks in stride, and celebrate their victories because, on this journey, it is not what happens to us that define us but rather how we react to them that define us.



Jessica began practicing Pilates after the birth of her second child in 2005. Jessica finds Pilates to be the only kind of exercise that helps to correct postural imbalances and improve functional movement. She has a background in clinical social work and enjoys working with people to help develop a positive mind-body connection. She has completed Balanced Body's Mat Series, Reformer1and 2, and Apparatus courses.



Linda Campbell has many years experience as a PHI Pilates Reformer Instructor, NETA Personal Trainer, NETA Group Exercise Instructor, and Balanced Body Corealign Instructor. She enjoys helping others challenge themselves both physically and mentally towards better health and well-being.

Linda started her fitness career as a group exercise instructor, but wanted to learn more. Trained to be a certified Personal Trainer, mat pilates instructor, and then a certified Pilates Reformer Trainer. When speaking about Pilates, Linda's passion is evident: "Pilates Reformer Training takes strength and flexibility training to a new level. It teaches us how to exercise correctly and efficiently, and to become mindful of our body and our health".


Nicole was first introduced to Pilates as a teenager by her dance instructor. She used Pilates to improve her dancing and soon realized the therapeutic benefits. She began her professional Pilates training through the Drexel Pilates Training Program and became one of the first, 3rd generation classically certified Pilates instructors. Nicole is certified through Every Kids Yoga to teach yoga to kids with special needs. Nicole is certified in Autism Movement Therapy® and has trained in both Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Kestinberg Movement Profile (KMP). She has worked with children/adults living with sensory processing disorders, developmental disorders, anxiety, cerebral palsy, ADHD, body image issues, and more.


Erin Goldfeder

Erin started her fitness career as a NASM-certified personal trainer in 2009. Soon after she took her first yoga class. She began practicing in earnest after successfully recovering from a year-long battle with cancer. She practiced regularly at the suggestion of her oncologist. Erin’s mind and body immediately began to feel the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Inspired by her own teachers, she wanted to share her knowledge by becoming a yoga instructor. Erin became a certified yoga instructor with Satsang Yoga. Leveraging her knowledge and love of personal training, Erin developed her own style of Vinyasa Flow that she refers to as “Athletic Flow”.  Her easily modified program combines the movement, breathing, pose and flow of Vinyasa with stretch and strengthening. 


Leanne is a Balanced Body trained Pilates instructor. She is passionate about teaching good movement and helping clients reach their goals of improved health and wellness. Leanne has a dual degree in athletic training and exercise science as well as a doctorate in physical therapy. She is also a physical therapist specializing in dance medicine. Leanne has a special interest in teaching Pilates to clients with orthopedic, neurological and other special considerations as well as working with athletes and people looking to improve their fitness level.


After discovering the love of yoga for herself, Gertrude decided to share that joy with others by completing her 200-RYT certification through Satang Yoga and went on to train in therapeutic chair yoga and kids yoga. Throughout this transformational time of her life, Gertrude learned the art of a stillness practice in Restorative Yoga. Continuing her training with Jillian Pransky and Shiva Rea, she developed a love and understanding for meditative movement- linking breath and motion during a gentle flow practice, leading to the art of non-doing in Restorative. Both practices are what Gertrude enjoys teaching most, helping students come back to the breath as they find balance on their mat and bring that into their own life. Creating an individual space of practice for her students in a group setting, she provides personalized attention and modifications. Gertrude believes that it isn’t how far you can go but the beauty in the journey to get there….One Breath, One Movement, One You.