feelin the love
There are few things I look forward to more than the time I spend with Emily at M every week. I was grateful for her commitment to understanding my individual needs before I was pregnant – and appreciate that attention to detail even more as a prenatal Pilates client. I completely trust her to guide me through exercises that are healthy and safe. As someone who has never considered herself to be in great shape, hearing – at 24 weeks pregnant – that I look “fit” has been an incredible compliment. Without fail, I leave the studio each week feeling stronger and more relaxed. I cannot recommend Emily and M enough.
— Carly

There’s no yoga or pilates studio in the area that even comes close to providing the TLC and personalization that Emily and her instructors provide. A year ago, I walked into Emily’s studio—M Pilates and Yoga—with unbearable sciatica, low back, and burning compensatory pain across my glutes. No joke, at times, I felt like giving up.

Today—a year later—I walked into the studio with some improper form that needed tweaking. Emily and her team address use a holistic approach, incorporating yoga, resistance training, classical and reformer Pilates to not only relieve your symptoms but to identify and repair the root cause(s) of your pain.

Emily seems to be on a mission to help you as if your body were her own. The empathy she has for her individual clients and their individual needs is unmatched. The work I put in at M Pilates and Yoga with Emily changed my life. I stopped physical therapy because I had so much success at her studio. This outrageous outpouring of cliches is deservedly and genuinely outrageous due to the transformation that my body has undergone. If you have sciatica, low back and/or piriformis syndrome as a result of chronic disk disease and after countless surgeries and procedures you may feel where I’m coming from.

Try three sessions at M Pilates and Yoga and prove me wrong. Otherwise, thank you, Emily!
— Anthony James C.

My commitment to multiple weekly personal training sessions at M has boosted my muscle strength, tone and flexibility. I have reaped significant health benefits from the unusual blend of Pilates instruction on both the reformer machine and mat, yoga breathing and poses and the deep focus my trainer gives to my form and body alignment. Emily takes into account at the beginning of each session what my body needs and works to balance all aspects of the training regimen. The Moxie studio is beautiful, immaculately clean and features the latest in fitness technologies in a zen-like atmosphere.
— Susan S.

M Pilates & Yoga isn’t only for women. I was referred to Emily by a medical professional. I am a 58 year old male who although physically fit, struggled with anxiety & depression issues for most of my adult life. I can’t overstate the positive impact and role that Emily and her staff have had in not only my physical well being but also my emotional health. I’ve never felt better on both fronts since I have been a client of Emily’s. Guys, get on board and experience for yourself the benefits of M Pilates and Emily’s tutelage.
— Michael N.

Emily pays meticulous attention to your individual personal training needs. Her ability to evaluate your capabilities and then instruct you to achieve safe, mental and physical health, and then sustain your overall health is incredible. With an extremely busy Dental Practice, Emily is always accommodating to my schedule and enables me to be pain free and physically fit to enjoy every day professionally with the amazing Pilates training she gives me.
— Dr. Jerome S. Foreman, DMD

I have trained with Emily for three years. She is a giant in my world. Every week I leave her studio happy and inspired and assured that I can reach the next level, and I have. I cannot recommend her and her new studio more highly to all, from those just beginning their fitness journey to seasoned athletes of all kinds.
— linda h.

Emily Thompson’s Pilates reformer class has made such an immediate difference in my ability to perform in my master’s swim class. As the only change made in my workout regiment, I attribute breaking my personal best for the 100 yard sprint to attending her class. It has also alleviated some of my back pain by helping me build a stronger core and by having a better awareness of body alignment and posture. I would highly recommend Emily as an instructor due to her impressive ability to describe, demonstrate and lead the pilates reformer class. Pilates reformer is proving to be a smart addition to my workout regiment.
— Lisa B.

I came to Emily in the hopes of lessening a limp after 15 months of physical therapy due to multiple injuries. Six months later I am in the best shape of my life, feeling strong with tons of energy. Emily’s joy for life is truly inspirational and her teachings have been life changing for me. Moxie is always one of the highlights of my week for both my body and my spirit
— Tara M.

M is the best small studio around for Pilates and Yoga. Classes are intimate, so everyone gets the proper attention as it relates to good form and adjustments are made by teachers as needed to prevent injury or to increase results from the exercise. You really get the one on one in the group classes that you normally get in a private session. The studio has great energy and the instructors rock with classes, private sessions, and music! I’ve met some really nice women since joining and feel wonderful!
— Liz S.